Vietnam sets moderate socioeconomic goals for next year

The majority of National Assembly deputies have agreed with 15 goals in the national socioeconomic development plan for 2013.

Vietnam is targeting GDP growth of 5.5% for 2013

The country will target a GDP growth rate of 5.5% and a 10% increase in export revenues while reducing inflation to around 8% next year.

Total investment is expected to account for 30% of GDP and the budget deficit will be curbed to 4.8% of GDP.

Vietnam is targeting GDP growth of 5.5% for 2013


The country will strive to lower its poverty rate by 2% and the unemployment rate in urban areas to less than 4%.

It will generate jobs for 1.6 million people and reduce the malnutrition rate among children aged below five to less than 16%.

The country expects to deal with 84% of serious polluting facilities and 75% of operating industrial parks and export processing zones will establish standard wastewater treatment systems.

Several NA deputies said that five of the goals may not be realized, including the economic growth rate and levels of total investment. This indicates deficient production capacity, which could affect economic development in future years.

They said that production in 2013 may remain slow and unemployment may remain high, negatively affecting people’s lives.

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