Vietnam Govt Budget Income At 3/4 Of Yr Estimate

The Ministry of Finance reported that in the first ten months of this year, the total state budget revenue was 76.2 percent of the year’s estimate while the total state budget spending was 78.8 percent of the year’s estimate.

Investment capital disbursement from the state budget was estimated at about 76.2 percent of the year’s estimate and G-bond capital disbursement was at 75.3 percent of the year’s plan assigned by the prime minister.

Also in Jan-Oct, the State Treasury detected more than 46,300 expenses of 21,200 units, which did not abide by the procedures and regulations.

According to MoF, comparing to the year’s plan, the state budget collection is still very difficult.

To complete the state budget revenue plan in 2012, in the remaining two months of 2012, the financial sector has also to collect 23.8 percent of the year’s plan, or 11.9 percent of the plan per month, while average collection in Jan-October was only 7.6 percent of the plan.

Statistics from MoF also showed that since the beginning of 2012 till the end of October 2012, the State Treasury has raised 115.883 trillion dong of government-backed bonds, or 96.56 percent of the year’s revised capital mobilization plan in 2012 (120 trillion dong) and equaling to 180.8 percent compared to the same period in 2011 (64.080 trillion dong).

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