Top 500 richest people on Vietnam’s stock market

The local newswire for the first time has announced the list of top 500 richest people on the stock market after the 5-year survey, which provided statistics and data on stock ownership of rich investors in the country.

Till the last session of 2010 (December 31), top 500 richest people on Vietnam’s stock market owned nearly 106 trillion dong of many kinds of stocks, accounting for up to 93 percent of total assets of 11,000 shareholders subject to information disclosure, and 40 trillion dong higher than top 100 richest stock players had announced a half of month ago.

Leading the top 500 richest people on Vietnam’s stock market had a total asset of equivalent 14 billion dong. If converted into US dollar according to the forex rate of 19,500 dong/US dollar, the whole market had 407 US dollar millionaires, slumping sharply against the number announced on month ago because of falling stocks during last days of 2010.

Women in the list made up almost one third of the 500 richest people in 2010, holding nearly 28 trillion dong on the stock market.

With expanding the list to 500 members instead of previous 100, 50 richest women or 30 richest families as used to be announced, wants to provide readers a more overall picture of stock ownership of shareholders who must disclose information in listed companies on both Hanoi and Hochiminh stock exchanges.

The list was built based on information, fiscal report, and prospectus of 650 listed companies. From 2010, the survey, statistic compiling was supported by VNDIRECT stock brokerage.

Since the end of 2010, has named the list of top 100 richest people, top 50 and Top 30. In which, Pham Nhat Vuong, owner of Vincom and Vinpearl is the richest person on Vietnam’s stock market last year with total assets of approximately 15.8 trillion dong. His wife, Pham Thu Huong led the list of top 50 richest women as keeping 2.3 trillion dong worth of VIC and VPL coded shares. His relatives and families also topped the list of 30 richest families on the stock market with a compound asset of 20.140 trillion dong equaling to more than $1 billion and became the first billionaire family on the stock market.

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