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PAN Food acquires Bibica in latest merger

The PAN Food empire marches on: the company just announced its successful acquisition of Bibica Corporation with 50.07 per cent of total share ownership. PAN Food first put up public bids for more than 1.12 million Bibica shares, stock code BBC on the HCM Stock Exchange, from July 6 to August 21, 2017, at VND112,800 […]

Vietnam proposes big breaks for special economic zones

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has proposed major incentives including prolonged income tax exemptions for businesses and individuals working in special economic zones in three provinces. The investment incentives are contained in a draft Law on Special Administrative-Economic Units that the ministry has prepared for submission to the Government and the National Assembly […]

Vietnam: Where Are People’s Interests In Land Acquisition?

The land acquisition process at present does not create opportunity for farmers to benefit from the value of assets created from the conversion of land use purposes. Sustainable economic development in Vietnam depends on the change of land use purpose and other resources to more useful purposes. Typically, economic growth is defined as economic growth (for example, the sustainable growth of real income per capita), and the structural transformation. The key factor for economic development is the growth of production inputs (land, labor, and capital), growth of the use of these inputs, and improvement of the quality of the organizational…

Vietnam Land Disputes Stir NA Debate

The topics of land management and land-related corruption were hotly debated in groups at the National Assembly meeting last week. A majority of the deputies suggested the government soon complete legal reforms on land related issues, especially the amended land law which must be in compliance with the current development situation of the country. The […]

Vietnam’s Bank Chief To Be Queried Over Irresponsible Comment

Nguyen Van Binh, governor of the State Bank of Vietnam, has received 361 requests from National Assembly delegates to make a formal explanation on Tuesday over a statement he made last week. With such number of requests, Binh is the Government member having received the most questions after stating “as the governor of the State Bank of Vietnam, I could not promise anything about the handling of non-performing loans (NPL), or bad debt,” in a National Assembly (NA) meeting…

World Bank calls for land policy reforms in Vietnam

A World Bank policy note released Monday called on Vietnam to focus on reforms to address prevailing gaps and shortcomings in the land law. The policy note entitled “Revising the Land Law to Enable Sustainable Development in Vietnam”, was issued as Vietnam’s National Assembly convened to deliberate amendments to the Land Law. Several development partners, including the UN, are working together to prepare a joint policy note that reaffirms the same broad message. “It is critical that revisions to the Land Law create a more favorable environment for more effective, equitable, and environmentally sustainable management of scarce land resources,”…

Weak Vietnam Bank Shares Slow Capital Flow

HA NOI (VNS) — Most commercial banks have delayed plans to increase charter capital because of difficulties in the monetary and stock markets. Banking sector share prices have reduced sharply, making it difficult to attract investors. Earlier this year, most banks had plans approved by shareholders to improve financial capacity and competitiveness and expected to […]

Vietnam Soft Drink Market Heats Up Again With Coca-Cola – PepsiCo Duel

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam has become a key market in Coca-Cola’s and PepsiCo’s business development strategy. Therefore, the two giants have been gearing up their investment to expand their business in the lucrative market. The drink market has heated up again with the duel of the two hereditary rivals Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. Coca-Cola has announced that it would pump another 300 million dollars from 2013 to the project in Vietnam, raising its total investment capital in the country to 500 million dollars in 2010-2015. According to Dan tri, the sum of money would be used to build up infrastructure items, create…

The land policy is for whom?

At the ongoing National Assembly, the revised Land Law will be discussed. To provide more scientific information and analysis related to this issue, which is a widespread public concern, VietNamNet would like to introduce the study of policies and laws on land, conducted by the Institute for Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development […]

PHI seeks Indonesian coal for future power plants

PHI Group last week announced it was looking to source Indonesian coal to supply its two future coal-fired power plants in Vietnam. The concessions, located in South Kalimantan and West Sulawesi, have total estimated resources of approximately 210 million metric tonnes, according to the US-based energy and natural resources company. It said these concessions cover 10,000 hectares and have been granted operation and production licenses from appropriate Indonesian governmental agencies. According to the agreements, PHI Group will complete due diligence reviews of both concessions and prior to signing agreements to fix the final prices, terms and conditions for closing, subject…