SSG Group Selects Aconex for Vietnam Project Portfolio

SSG Group, Vietnam’s leading property developer, has selected to use the Aconex online collaboration platform across its entire project portfolio. The Aconex platform will be used to manage information and link project teams on SSG Group’s high profile developments such as Saigon Airport Plaza, Thao Dien Pearl and Petrosetco Tower.

The deal follows the successful use of Aconex on the first phase of SSG Group’s US$750 million Saigon Pearl, one of the largest residential and commercial developments ever undertaken in Vietnam. Over the five-year project, companies involved in design and construction used Aconex to manage more than 500,000 documents and correspondence items. By using the system, all project participants were able to access, distribute, track and archive their files and mails in real time, using one secure, central platform.

Mr. Vo Van Be, SSG Group Deputy General Director, said: “The overwhelmingly positive experience of using Aconex on Saigon Peal left us in no hesitation about using the system on our other developments. Given the scale of our ventures, we require systems that support visibility, accountability and risk mitigation. By securely storing and tracking project data, Aconex provides this.”

Mr. Le Thanh Dat, of the Saigon Pearl organization, said: ”Before using Aconex, our cross-company communication was largely done using paper documents and couriers. For developments the size of Saigon Pearl, it was clear that we would require more advanced tools and processes.

“Throughout the Saigon Pearl project, Aconex enabled fast document coordination and secure records management. This improved our efficiency and meant we were able to capture more project information. In addition, the local training and unlimited support we received from Aconex meant that everyone on the project was using the system and using it correctly. This made it an easy decision to select Aconex for our other developments.”

Mr. Andy Lake, Aconex General Manager Asia, said: “Given the ambitious projects that SSG Group is delivering, we are extremely excited about this deal. The improved efficiency and risk management achieved by using Aconex on the Saigon Pearl project provides a strong endorsement of our solution.

“In markets such as the US and much of Europe, it is near inconceivable to undertake a large-scale construction project without using a collaboration platform such as Aconex. We look forward to continuing our growth in Vietnam as more and more companies see the value the technology provides.”

Aconex,, is the world’s largest provider of online collaboration solutions to the construction and engineering industries. From its 38 offices, the company services US$260 billion worth of projects in 70 countries.

Saigon Pearl is a residential complex covering a 10-hectare site stretching along the Saigon River. It includes 126 units, eight 37-story apartment buildings and a complex for office, hotel, retail and other facilities.

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