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Business start-up rules contradict intent of law

Setting up an enterprise in Viet Nam has been giving business people headaches for years, gobbling up mounds of paper and gallons of ink. However, the consolidation of several different laws on business establishment into one common Law on Enterprises in 2005 marked a step forward, and the Law on Investment, enacted the same year, […]

New legislation to curb outstanding new year issues

In 2010, Vietnam’s economy witnessed a lot of bad news, including the Vinashin scandal, the over-inflation of the local currency, the super-inflation of consumer price index (CPI), the increase in gold and US dollar prices weakening the local currency, the gloomy securities markets and proposed bond issuances from large corporations. The decrease in direct foreign […]

Law gives boost to commercial arbitration

Commercial arbitration, as an alternative to lawsuits to resolve disputes, has not become popular in Viet Nam. In the country’s two leading cities, Ha Noi and HCM City, the number of commercial lawsuits averages 1,200-1,500 cases per year resolved by the People’s Courts, compared to about 60-80 cases per year handled by commercial arbitration centres. […]

Vietnam Business Registration

Vietnam New Company Business Registration Incorporation Setup Formation in  Ho Chi Minh City Service ONE-STOP SERVICE FOR ALL OF YOUR BUSINESS REGISTRATION NEEDS IN HO CHI MINH CITY - VIET NAM Starting a new business in Vietnam is time-consuming and costly, said a recent report released by the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank. […]