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A busy year for M&A activities

2011 marked a busy year for corporate M&A (mergers and acquisitions) activities with a total value estimated at US$2.67 billion, 1.5 times higher than the previous year. Unlike previous years, foreign-related M&A deals, mostly in the fields of consumer products, finance and real estate, stole the spotlight in 2011, accounting for 81.3 percent of the total amount. Some M&A deals also emerged as a result of the withdrawal of capital by investment funds and the restructuring of domestic groups. The three biggest M&A deals in 2011 were Charoen Pokphand Group China’s buying 70.8 percent of the share of CP Vietnam Corporation, Russian mobile phone service...

A Fresh Start For Infrastructure Investment

The Government has approved a regulation for pilot public-private partnership (PPP) investment in infrastructure from 2011, a move expected to open up more opportunities for private investors in this sector. Poor infrastructure has been recognized as one of the three bottlenecks to Vietnam’s socio-economic development, along with red tape and the lack of qualified human […]