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FIEs may have to stop operation because of procedures

Nearly 800 foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) in HCM City are facing the risk of getting dissolved or having to stop thier operation because they cannot make the re-registration, as requested by the 2005 Investment Law and Enterprise Law. A lot of foreign investors try to re-register their operation in accordance with the new laws, but they still have not completed the re-registration formalities due to the technical problems. In the document sent to the Prime Minister, HCM City authorities informed that a lot of profitable FIEs may have to stop operation in 2012. Some FIEs have even one more month...

Exchange rate fluctuation influences pharmaceutical companies

Due to the big fluctuations in exchange rates, many domestic pharmaceutical enterprises are in despairs because they cannot import materials and an adjuvant, a pharmacological or immunological agent that modifies the effect of other agents. Some production contracts might be cancelled or some pharmaceutical companies have to pay fines for the delays in production. Furthermore, […]

Firms to be accustomed to e-customs priorities

Firms in Vietnam are to enjoy special electronic customs priorities. According to the Vietnam Customs’ Customs Modernisation and Reform Board, a pilot e-customs programme has been devised. Under which, from early 2011, at least 50 local and foreign companies in Vietnam will be prioritized in e-customs formalities, customs declaration in digital forms and online registration. […]

Vietnam Business Registration

Vietnam New Company Business Registration Incorporation Setup Formation in  Ho Chi Minh City Service ONE-STOP SERVICE FOR ALL OF YOUR BUSINESS REGISTRATION NEEDS IN HO CHI MINH CITY - VIET NAM Starting a new business in Vietnam is time-consuming and costly, said a recent report released by the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank. […]