France supplies surveillance fishing vessels to Vietnam

PHU YEN (VNS)- Seven of the 120 offshore fishing boats in central Phu Yen have been equipped with French fisheries surveillance systems, according to the province's Coastal Information Station.The station said the fisheries surveillance system, named Movimar, will be installed on all vessels in the province by the end of the year.

According to Collecte Localization Satellites (CLS), a French satellite distributor, Movimar will help coastal information stations determine the position of any ship in the area. The device also allows vessels to send typhoon warnings by satellite.

Phu Yen is the first among 28 provinces to get the systems after Viet Nam last year signed a 14 million Euro (US$20 million) contract with CLS to install 3,000 surveillance systems for offshore fishing boats.

The spending has been provided by the French government and was first mooted after the May 2006 tragedy, when 300 fishermen were killed by Typhoon Chanchu. - VNS