FPT first nano-satellite fails

FPT Group has not received signal from its self-made nanosatellite F-1, which was sent into orbit one month ago.

Though FPT does not succeed with the first satellite made in Vietnam, the group will keep pursuing the dream of space research, according to FSpace Laboratory at FPT University.

Vu Trong Thu, director of Fspace, said so far the ground control station of FSpace in Hanoi and several radio stations worldwide had not received any signal from F-1, except for a faint signal on the first days.

F-1 satellite experiment took place at Tokyo University

F-1 satellite experiment took place at Tokyo University. (Photo:

It is likely that the charging circuit of the satellite has encountered problem, so it only had enough power for operation on the first days after being launched into space, said FPT.

FPT and its U.S. partner NanoRacks are analyzing the possible causes that could happen to F-1 to figure out the actual reason.

FSpace will try to send an order to F-1 to restart the microcontroller of the satellite. Still, FSpace admitted that the chance of receiving signal from F-1 was very low.

F-1 is now circling the Earth at an average height of 405 kilometers and supervised by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

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